RED TO GREY – Balance Of Power


Label: El Puerto Records
Release Year: 2021
Country: Germany
Genre: Thrash Metal
Product Type: CD Jewel Case

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CD (2021)

Classic Bay Area Metal á la Death Angel or Forbidden, spiced with a pinch of Nevermore – this is the best way to describe the music of Red To Gray, which is based in southern Germany. Powerful riffs, catchy hook lines with catchy tunes, and lots of melodic guitar solos are perfectly complemented by the voice of frontwoman Gaby Weihmayer, who is convincing in all respects. The songs on “Balance Of Power” exude an incredible amount of energy and RED TO GRAY do the trick of sounding raw and unbridled as well as complex and playful. Or in short: “Balance Of Power” shows RED TO GRAY in absolute top form!

Tracklist CD:
01 Balance Of Power
02 Hellburner
03 Trigger Of Lies
04 We March
05 Vanity And Pride
06 Fight
07 Object Of Salvation
08 The Dead Walk
09 Within Grey Rooms

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