Lee Ainleys Blues Storm – Evolution


Label: WormHoleDeath
Release Year: 2021
Country: UK
Genre: Rock / Blues
Product Type: CD Jewel Case

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‘Fronted by an unusual pairing of mother/daughter, this musical powerhouse brings you original tracks with sounds firmly
rooted in blues history. The unique vocal pairing of Lee Ainley and Tori Mai Hobbs-Ainley showcases tight harmonies wrought from close family bonds and a solid musical pedigree from both the maternal and paternal lines. Lee and Tori Mai are fearless warriors of music, they delve into the substrata of deep rock with gritty vocals and deliver pure gold. They employ complex and beautiful harmonies that, whilst utterly different, blend together seamlessly. This band hailing from Sussex, England has a supreme skill set which reflects in the polished fullness of the songs. These are built up with each member delivering their parts as inspiration hits. Lee and Tori Mai provide songwriting artistry with the melody, harmonies, and life-inspired lyrics. The muscle is layered on by Dave Moss on lead guitar, combining his blues-rock guitar riffs with influences from other genres and styles that add to his creativity. The heart starts beating with patriarch Nat on bass and
piano, Nat is no stranger to writing stunning songs. Dave on drums provides the rhythm of the heart and builds decoration within the songs that not only lifts them but also gives them colour and breath. Their new album “ EVOLUTION”, recorded in January 2020 and was set for the UK release on 21st February 2020, with a full line up of UK festivals and shows booked to promote it; only to be interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic and the complete lockdown of the UK. However, the album is set to be released worldwide in Spring 2021 and will join their growing catalog of recorded material. This first full album of original material follows on from the successes of their first two EPs, “Shoot Me Down” and “Bankruptcy”, which received a phenomenal media response and significant national and international play on UK FM radio stations and other platforms.

1. Train wreck
2. I’ve got mine (now pull the trigger)
3. Pins and needles
4. Fool
5. Hell yeah
6. Lonely hunter
7. Winter coat
8. Emotionally

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