Urbain – Soul Purged


Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Release Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal
Product Type: DigiPak

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Urbain’s debut album “A Soul Purged” is a cathartic scream into the void, a sonic portrait of a world spiraling into the depths of indifference and ignorance. For those with the stomach to face the unadulterated reality of our urban dystopia, Urbain serves as a brutal yet thought-provoking guide, brandishing music as a torch to illuminate the darkness.

Drawing its somber inspirations from the fallout of a pandemic that stripped cities down to their marrow – revealing the ominous DNA coiled within – Urbain reflects upon the despair that lurks beneath the surface of urban life. From our ego’s toxic grip on our perceptions to our dwindling connection with nature and the very sustenance we consume, the band brings to the surface the grotesque nature of our everyday reality. With every scream and shattering guitar riff, Urbain exposes a world where empathy is eclipsed by the self-absorption of the modern denizen, a disturbing commentary on our times. And then Urbain goes further by peeling back even darker layers of the city’s skin – taking a critical and daring plunge into the abyss of human trafficking, unafraid to confront the sinister side of urban life, a societal malignancy that goes largely unseen.

The band’s visceral expression of this painful reality is meant to strike a chord that resonates deep within our collective conscience. With “A Soul Purged,” Urbain offers a brutally candid sonic reflection of our times, an outcry against the inhumane aspects of modern urban life.

released July 28, 2023

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