Scorged – Scorged


Label: El Puerto Records
Release Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Genre: Extreme Metal
Product Type: CD Jewel Case

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lf you think of the tranquil Saarland/ Germany, anger and aggression are not necessarily the first buzzwords that come to mind. SCORGED are different, SCORGED is young, wild and angry.

In their lyrics, they express what displeases them, a quality that no longer seems self-evident even in metal. Social criticism is just as appropriate and important today as ever. Extreme metal is their outlet: no rules, no compromises!
The songs by SCORGED push themselves so powerfully and inexorably through the self-titled debut, which should be warm (or cold) to the hearts of both the very tough young fraction and the old-school death metallers. SCORGED riff and fight through the songs that it is a real pleasure.

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