The Phans – The Phans


Label: El Puerto Records
Release Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Genre: Vintage Rock
Product Type: DigiPak

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Who founds a band on a Friday the 13th does not fear big ghosts. The Phans, heading from Ulm in lovely south Germany have been founded exactly on that date and they evoke the big musical minds of the legendary 70ies on full purpose. Vintage-Rock is the keyword, currently on everyone’s lips and handmade rock music is going upmarket like never before.
So it doesn’t astonish me that much, that just 3 musical whippersnappers catch the spirit of that time and sound pretty much genuine.

Their big musical idols are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Vocalist and bass player „Karl“ reminds not infrequently of a young Plant or Hughes, guitar player „Matze“’s riffs sound like a perceived time trip to England’s 70ies and „Dany“’s drumming feels like a musical bastard between Bonham, Ward and Paice. Best requirements for The Phans to leave an impressing musical odour with their first, self-titled album which will be released on May 27th 2016.

All 9 songs on the album, especially the first single „Coil“, grab the willing listener immediately with great hook lines, stirring grooves and cool breaks.

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