STEPFATHER FRED – Like The Sea – Constantly Moving, Constantly Drowing


Label: El Puerto Records
Release Year: 2021
Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
Product Type: DigiPak

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CD Digipack(2021)

Unadjusted, wild, energetic, surprising, and with absolute passion in the matter. Your thing, your thing. STEPFATHER FRED. Anyone who has ever seen the boys live will underline every single one of these words. And it is precisely this power that STEPFATHER FRED manages to capture on CD. With the new album “Like The Sea – constantly moving, constantly drowning”, STEPFATHER FRED has definitely delivered their preliminary masterpiece. The songs – as unadjusted & wild as the band itself. From the official ass kick to the emotional gem, everything is included. Test tips: EVERYONE, without exception. And if you also make music on such a level, you can’t go wrong. Chest out and volume best to the twelve!

01 Deep in my mind
02 If she falls
03 I am the sea
04 Divide
05 Unconditional love
06 Wenga
07 Circles
08 Queen of mine
09 Numb
10 No truth for you
12 Firework
13 Darkness Prevails

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