Stepfather Fred – Dummies, Dolls & Masters


Label: El Puerto Records
Release Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
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If you did not see Stepfather Fred live the last few years, you are definitely living your life as a couch potato. More than 250 live shows speak a loud and clear language. Stepfather Fred is born to be on stage and they only take a break from playing live to write and record new songs.

When the four Bavarians enter the studio, they do it with 666% ardent zeal. As intoxicating their live shows are, as stirring are the songs. You can feel their fractious energy with every second listening to the band and Stepfather Fred manages to unleash that spirit from their live shows perfectly in the new songs.

„Dummies, Dolls & Masters“, the 3rd full-length CD will be released on May 20th, 2016 and something big is on its way. Songs like the ultimate riff monster „Freedom Call“, the mega hymn „Libertine“, the groovy as hell opening track „Bitchbanger“ or the first single „Beat It“, Stepfather Fred presses every button, come up with one stunning track after the other just like that and all this shows how much experience this young band already has.

It’s not easy to categorize the musical style of Stepfather Fred. „Heavy Alternative Rock“ is how the musicians themselves call it and it could not be described any better.

If the songs make you feel … like you have been steamrolled by a wall of guitar riffs like heavyweights Pantera, … the groove from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or … the melancholy of Soundgarden, Stepfather Fred are never replica but archetype and they manage to give each song their very own signature.

Sails are set and Stepfather Fred is ready to take over the world of rock music with „Dummies, Dolls & Masters“ by storm.
Be there when the guys drop anchor in a town near you but beware … Stepfather Fred take no prisoners!

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